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Bridges of Paris

Paris would not be Paris without its thirty-seven bridges. They inspire romance, offer practical pathways for exploring the city, and often take you directly to famous landmarks. The very best way to commence your visit to is to be located on Ile Saint Louis staying in one of our luxury apartments. The Ile’s unique location affords you easy access to many iconic bridges, which enable you to look down upon the River Seine.  As night falls, beacons of light from these bridges light your way, and bathe the city in an enchanting vista.  Paris is home to many world-renowned sites but gazing upon the Seine as dusk falls is the way to experience the true soul of Paris. 

Pont Marie : At each end of this bridge lies Ile Saint Louis and the Hotel de Ville on the Right Bank. Built in 1613, it is one of the oldest bridges in Paris, and is comprised of five arches. It connects the fascinating precincts of le Marais and Ile Saint Louis, and since 1887 it has been classified as a “Historical Monument”. We confess that Pont Marie is probably our favorite bridge as it inspires true romance. It is hardly surprising it is often referred to as “the lovers bridge”. So please remember when you linger above its arches to enjoy a kiss with your loved one, as is the tradition here in Paris. 



Pont de La Tournelle : It is located between the Left Bank and Ile Saint Louis in the 5th and 4th districts of Paris. It was destroyed in 1918 but was rebuilt between 1928 and 1930. This bridge is by design dissymmetric and was constructed this way so that you can easily witness the  many curves of the Seine. From this bridge you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the back of Notre-Dame. The statue of Sainte Geneviève is the Patron Saint of Paris and continues to serve as a protector of the city.  







Pont de Sully : This beautiful bridge was built between 1873 and 1876 and features a design initiated by the famous Parisian architect Georges-Eugene Haussmann. Pont de Sully is composed of two bridges that are actually an extension of one another. It affords a unique and spectacular view of the banks of Ile Saint Louis and Notre-Dame.





Pont Louis Philippe: This much-loved bridge was built between 1860 and 1862. Its three arches support the bridge, and it is especially beautiful when illuminated at night. 




Pont Saint Louis: By Paris standards this is a recent construction as it was only completed in 1970.  We call it “la Passerelle” because it is a relatively small bridge, and connects Ile Saint Louis to Ile de la Cité. On this pedestrian only bridge you can enjoy a relaxed stroll and linger to admire the views of Notre-Dame.






When you join us for a stay in one of our a luxury boutique apartments you will also have the opportunity to enjoy these many wonderful bridges. Each day these bridges put on a different ‘face’ to reflect the mood of the city whether it is raining and windy, or bathed in warm sunshine. They are special places for quiet reflection and continue to be locations that unravel feelings of joy and inspiration for both residents and visitors to Paris.

We look forward to welcoming you soon for a stay with us at Guest Apartment Services Paris.
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