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  • Chuck & Julie Feinberg

Chuck & Julie Feinberg

My wife and I spent nine amazing days in Windows on Seine. Before reviewing Windows on Seine we must say a little about Guest Apartment Services of Paris. My wife and I started traveling in the the early 1970's. We always stayed in hotels. There were basically no VRBO or Home Away etc. rentals. Also, when staying in a hotel you knew that if anything went wrong you would call the concierge. What we love about the VRBO or Home Away concept is that we could rent an apartment with a kitchen, etc. and make our stay that much more enjoyable. We have been wine educators for over thirty years and therefore we love to go to the many Parisian markets and wine shops and create memorable feasts. This ability both helps us lower the cost of our stay and adds to the total experience. When renting through a VRBO or Home Away etc. you do have many choices although photos can be misleading. The exact address of your rental is not given to you. Therefore you don't know exactly what you are getting until you actually enter your rental. We often had worries about actually getting access to our rental. Once we wondered if the building actually existed. In many instances if you have a problem you don't have an expert to help you. Forget the those worries. With Guest Apartment Services of Paris we have had some problems with for example a shower not working. We could either call their office or simply walk around the corner to their office and someone would come almost immediately. If it's past office hours they have an emergency number or you can leave a message and someone with the correct expertise would be there early in the morning. That's true VIP Concierge treatment. Also, being from the USA it's a pleasure speaking to anyone at their office since everyone there speaks perfect English. Also their entire staff is comprised of very sophisticated and knowledgeable people. They will happily make reservations for you or suggest new restaurants that just popped up. Need transportation to and from the airport, no problem. They are a TRUE a Concierge company. I can honestly say we've always felt like they are an extension of our family.
Now to Windows on Seine. This is a studio apartment in a building built in 1640. We've stayed in three other Guest Apartment Service apartments in this building. I must first say that I am 70 years old and in good shape. I knew that this apartment is on the French third floor which is an American fourth floor. After nine days I can say that my cardio levels have greatly improved as have my hamstrings!!! When we first got to the apartment we had a lot of heavy luggage. No problem. We went to the office and two staff people helped us up to our apartment. What differentiates Windows on Seine from the other apartments we've rented is that it is a combination of gorgeous modern appointments and old French styles. The bathroom has a great walk in show and plenty of draws for everything. The very large single room encompasses the kitchen, bed area and a place for eating. Also plenty of storage for clothing and free Wifi that was very fast.  There are four floor to ceiling Windows that overlook the Seine River. And when I say overlook I mean you feel like you could jump directly into the river. What a pleasure it was to have a dinner of  beef carpaccio, quail and a great selection of awesome French cheese all bought from walking distance to our apartment. We of course had an amazing selection of great French wine. Then we would cook in a small kitchen with the finest new appliances. We would then sit down to a spectacular dinner and watch the boats go past our Windows. Not too shabby. Being on the fourth floor did have its perks. One being an almost soundproof room. For us this was heaven. 

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