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  • ​Mr & Mrs Coburn from USA

​Mr & Mrs Coburn from USA

Bonjour, I wanted to thank you and your staff for your kindness and good service while we were planning our trip to Paris and while we were there. Marie was wonderful in greeting us and showing us the apartment and how it worked and did such a good job of it that we were able to operate all the systems well while we were there. We appreciated that. And it was good to meet you and to chat with you a bit before we left. I especially want to thank Vincent who drove us to the airport in his lovely car and took good care of us on the way. The most significant kindness he did for us, however, was to find my glasses in the back seat of his car and take them to the United Airlines counter where they were given to me as we checked in. I had just discovered that I had carelessly left them in the car, and was so grateful that Vincent parked his car and took the time to go into the airport and see that I would get them. That was much more than I would expect and I'm grateful for his kindness. I hope you will pass on my sincere thanks to him. We will recommend your agency to our friends. Working with in booking the apartment was easy and clear. The apartment was well cared for and lovely. The whole experience was good and I will pass that on to others as well. Merci! Marjorie and Robert Coburn

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