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  • Mr & Mrs Mardinly

Mr & Mrs Mardinly

In Paris, our stay was very pleasant with your excellent service. Home was very cozy and comfortable. We had unforgettable moments and foods in Paris. Even my husband and I thought to buy a small condo like the apartment we stayed and then we thought that you could take care of it as a rental house for us.  But we don’t know the Real Estate market in France.  It is not guarantee to have an investment property there but we will be glad if anyone or any website can help us to know the Real Estate Market in Paris like taxes, rental  income etc…for the foreign investors. We really thank you for your wonderful service and please let the owner of the home to know our thanks as well. We will be happy to write our reviews about your impressive service. Thanks again. Berdan, John and Alara Mardinly. Chandler – Arizona.

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