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  • Anjie Park & Andrew Moore

Anjie Park & Andrew Moore

Very professional and thorough service with a centrally located, organized office and welcome space. In a big city like Paris, they make you feel like you have a friend in the area who has your back. And oh our apartment…the Rose was so beautiful with such a romantic view that we found it difficult to leave it each day! Reserve the Rose, walk down the street on the il and buy a bottle of Champagne, a baguette, pate, and truffle Brie, bring it back to your apartment, put old French music on the blue tooth, sit on the terrace and wave at the passing boats on the Seine. There is no better way to spend an early evening in beautiful Paris. The bed is very comfortable and the sheets and towels are quality. Having a washing machine is very convenient over a long visit. And staying on Ile-st-louis is quiet and you are close to everything. Highly recommend!

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