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  • Cathy Raiskums

Cathy Raiskums

Bonjour Liliane
Celebration of Retirement

Six of us traveled to Paris to celebrate my retirement. We were fortunate to have found Guest Apartment Services to help us find a rental apartment to accommodate our group. From the first email interaction through to the airport transportation services for our return flight, we were impressed with this organization.  Their response time was really unbelievable, and nothing was too much to request. The apartment (Orchid) was lovely and we felt like Parisians during our stay. It was located within walking distance of great shops, restaurants, and attractions. We hope to return to Paris one day and we will definitely book with this this agency again. It is peace of mind to know that they are a professional organization who offer truly lovely properties.

Merci Guest Apartment services – thank-you for making our trip so memorable.


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