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  • ​Mr & Mrs Nebeker from USA

​Mr & Mrs Nebeker from USA

Our stay was especially good. The apartment is very nice, certainly no disappointment there! Your company was so nice to deal with; which we do not take for granted having dealt with several (plus vrbo). We almost always had good luck, but it was generally a bit of a leap of faith! We definitely feel that Guest Services is a company that is reliable, so you will be hearing from us in the future! Also, we had been on Ile de St. Louis for the shops and restaurants, but never stayed there. The "continent" will not be our first choice when planning the next trip! Marie was extremely helpful solving our wi-if situation. She was certainly willing to go the distance. She is a real asset to your company, and is a personable young woman. Also, thank you for the lys keychain. What a thoughtful gift. Please let us know about our left-behind item. I suppose we were tired after several full days spent on having such a good holiday! Kind Regards, Cathy Nebeker

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