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  • Mr & Mrs McIntosh from AUSTRALIA

Mr & Mrs McIntosh from AUSTRALIA

Dear Christophe Jeanette and I had a most enjoyable time in Paris, helped in no small measure by the location of the apartment. It could not have been any better. We particularly enjoyed our early morning walks to experience different parts of the city and try our rudimentary French on bemused shop keepers whilst buying our supplies for the day. We are pleased to say that we were greeted with amused courtesy wherever we went. Starting with a smile probably had something to do with it. It was nice dealing with you and we would be pleased to meet you again if you were ever to come to Adelaide. We have said to our 3 adult children that if they were ever considering going to Paris in future, we know a really great place for them to stay Yours Sincerely Gordon and Jeanette McIntosh

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