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  • John & Carol Howland

John & Carol Howland

Dear Christophe, Philippe, Liliane & Staff: bleated “Merci beaucoup” for making our two week stay in Paris so relaxing and enjoyable and oh so very memorable. The apartment Hyacinth was terrific and the location was fantastic. It was a sad day when we had to leave those spectacular views behind. We give you a “10” for your assistance with restaurant recommendations and reservations. Whenever we had a question or a request, someone from your staff was always available to help. When we returned home, our friends asked if our stay in Paris was everything we expected it to be. Our answer: “No – it was much better!!!”  When they asked “How so?”, we responded it was because of the staff at Guest Apartment Services and their commitment to delivering uncompromising accommodations and services. We look forward to returning in 2015. Happy New Year! John & Carol Howland

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