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  • Mr Alan Robinson, USA

Mr Alan Robinson, USA

Dear Phillipe & Christophe, Thanks for your email finalizing arrangements for our recent stay in Paris.Rest assured we greatly enjoyed our time in "Callas" and will certainly be suggesting to any of our friends who intend visiting Paris to seriously consider "Guest Apartment Services" before looking at any other accommodation options. In addition, "Le Petit Pontoise", suggested in your notes for guests, was a real find.  We dined there on all bar 2 evenings and, on reflection, should have done so every night.  Even after 4 dinners we weren't half way through the seductive options on the menu.  You would, in our opinion, be serving your clients really well if you strengthened your recommendation. We have no idea if or when we will make it to Paris again, but will certainly be looking to "Guest Apartments" if we do. Please give Jean-Paul  our apologies for bothering him with our foolish inability to get the dryer to work; our concerns arose from worry that we would damage the machine if we turned the dial the correct way as there seemed to be unusual resistance in the knob when we tried this. Alan & Ann Robinson

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