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  • Mr Caccese from USA

Mr Caccese from USA

We had the most wonderful time in Paris. It is truly the most magical and beautiful City. We loved our apartment. It was perfect, especially with its new corkscrew. Everyone we have spoken has heard what a fabulous company you have and how professional you are. We felt that you really supported us and made us feel safe and at home. You night manager was even willing to come over at night when we thought we were locked out. Then there was the matter of the broken corkscrew, that you so quickly replaced. You handled both the big and small problems with graciousness. We feel a link to Notre Dame and the Seine River , our last vision at night and our first in the morning. Life can not get any better than that. We enjoyed working with Thomas, who handled our paper work in Paris. He was a delight and very helpful. Your Drivers were fantastic! Omar was a true gentleman and we appreciate his kindness to us. Victor limos never failed to be on time. Thank you for everything . Working with your company was a pleasure from beginning to end. Sincerely, Andrea Caccese.

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