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  • Mr Buppert from USA

Mr Buppert from USA

Dear Philippe & Christophe: We returned home safely to California, and while our jet lag may be gone our vacation glow is still burning bright! Thank you both, and your great staff (who could not have been nicer or more helpful), for another incredible visit to Paris. In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much we've decided to come back again next spring — but more on that in a separate email. This was our second rental with you, and once again, we were completely satisfied — from your attention to detail, to your personal assistance, to the quality of your apartments. The first time we stayed in Sunflower (LOVED it!!) and this time we stayed in Snowdrop, which was completely different and yet completely wonderful. If there is a more perfect location than Snowdrop, both for its convenience and its views, I cannot imagine it. Sitting on the sofa and looking out the window at Notre Dame was simply surreal. People come from around the world just to visit this iconic landmark and we got to see it every day (and it's even more beautiful at night!). Merci et a bientot! Jeff Buppert

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