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  • Mrs Baldwin from USA

Mrs Baldwin from USA

Dear Philippe, Christophe and Thomas, I'm back to reality in New York on this early Sunday morning and wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed my month at 60, rue St. Louis en L'Ile. I had planned to call you on Friday morning before I departed for the airport but my driver appeared earlier than anticipated and, so, I was not able to offer an in-person thank you. From my arrival on October 1 till my departure on October 31, I relished every day in beautiful Paris…well, some of the sunnier days were a bit more enjoyable than the rainy ones but even the wet ones didn't detract from the pleasure of being in a place with endless opportunity for exploration. While I always try to visit significant sights while I'm there – and to revisit favorite ones – some of the most memorable days are spent just wandering the neighborhoods, soaking up the local color. And…the food… how can I describe the pleasure derived from sampling as many boulangeries as possible? There were days I was happy to just eat bread, cheese and, o.k., drink wine! This trip I had the pleasure of participating in three cooking classes: two at the home of a French woman in the 5th and another at the Ritz Escoffier School. Now I will put on my toque and astound my friends with new-found skills in the kitchen! I want you to know that your service throughout the month was unparalleled. It was friendly and it was professional and, even when Jean Claude had to come for door lock solutions at "Saffron" twice and TV reboot, you were there immediately. I always knew that answers were at my fingertips with a call to your office. "Saffron" was a perfect petite pied a terre for my visit;my husband agreed during his part-time visit too. I was able to master the use of the washer/dryer and induction stove top so all my needs were met. And I loved the idea of being on the main street where I could open the large windows and feel a part of the local scene beneath me. A record number of Parisians and tourists must consume ice cream on a daily basis if I can judge from my observations of rue St. Louis en L'Ile! So…friends…I offer an enthusiastic "mille fois merci" to all of you for helping me create wonderful memories during my month on Ile St. Louis! I would welcome a phone call when you visit New York. Sincerely, Melinda Baldwin

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