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  • Mr Carmona from USA

Mr Carmona from USA

I would like to thank ALL of you for such a memorable vacation.. We LOVED our apartment!!! I felt right at home and very very comfortable. The location was absolutely tranquil and peaceful. Your service from the office was par excellence!! Christophe was such a delight and I only regret that I overlooked the days and decided to go say goodbye in person only to realize that it was Saturday. I hope to return and stay with you all in a smaller apartment, depending on the amount of people I will be travelling with. Concepcion, the guardian of the building was wonderful. we enjoyed attending mass with her at Eglise St Louis and had her over with her husband for wine and cheese. Love her dearly!! I am sorry we didn't leave the apartment in mint condition but we had to leave so early in the morning and hardly slept from packing the night before. Your car service with Vincent is also excellent!!! Our drivers were so much fun to visit with and felt like close friends. I cannot wait to return to Paris and stay with you all. I cant even seem to find the words to thank you !!! BUT THANK YOU!!! My very best regards, Michaelangelo Carmona-Renaud

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