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  • Mr & Mrs Magers from USA

Mr & Mrs Magers from USA

Bonjour Philippe and Christophe, Jim and I have arrived home Just today, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed out stay with you. It was the perfect spot. Every night we were serenaded through our windows , it was just like I had always dreamed it would be. I shopped in the little stands, and then would come home and cook like a real Parisian. It was so Paris, I felt like I really lived there for a short time. All of you made our stay a memory we will never forget. Anemone was the perfect apartment for first time visitors to Paris. Watching out the windows as the people walked by , you were always entertain. We were only a short walk or ride to everything, and we saw almost everything. London and England were great, but when got to Paris! I highly recommend Guest Apartments and your special staff to everyone that is wanting to have a trouble free visit. The apartment was everything you said and much more. I want to open the window now and let the sounds of Paris come thru with a cool breeze. We will be back and we will stay in one of your wonderful apartments. Thanks again to all of your staff that made our stay, a memory of life time!!!!!!!!!! Warm Regards Jim and Patsy Magers

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