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  • Mr & Mrs Payton from USA

Mr & Mrs Payton from USA

We have just returned from our 6th trip to Paris, and it was one of our best thanks to Their apartments, most on St.Louis en I'lle, are beautiful, well equipped, and the service is outstanding. It's like having a concierge available in their office on St. Louis en I'lle to make dinner reservations, day trips, car pick ups, etc. From our initial Email for information, all was handled quickly and efficiently. Even though we travel in France often, our French is very, very limited. This service is very easy for Americans to use. The apartments all have Queen or king sized beds—a rarity in Paris. They are beautifuly decorated, and have all the conveniences of a good hotel. We stayed in HIBISCUS on Rue St. Louis en I'lle. It was billed as a large studio. We usually prefer a separate bedroom, but we ended up liking this better. The main room was huge with 2 sofas, 2 chairs, and a dining table with 4 chairs. There was a decorated screen separating the king sized bed. The ceilings were probably 14 ft. high with huge beams—just stunning! Then there was a separate kitchen and modern bath.(including microwave, dishwasher, washer, oven, cooktop, and all the dishes and utensils you would need). There was a radio, CD player(our IPOD worked great) and TV. Every morning my husband would go to one of 3 bakeries within 2 blocks of the apt. and bring back baguettes and pastry while I made coffee. That's about all the "cooking" we did. But we also like to have a nice place to relax from about 5pm until 8pm when we go out for dinner. If there was any drawback to this apt. it was that there was some street noise in the morning. Didn't bother us at all, but it may bother some who like it really quiet. Take a look at their gorgeous pictures on their web site. We will definitely use their service again. Review Published in the popular traveler website TRIP ADVISOR USA: 


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