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  • Mr & Mrs Peixoto from BRAZIL

Mr & Mrs Peixoto from BRAZIL

Bonjour Philippe & Christophe. You make a difference in Paris. Reaching the city light. Staying on the Île Saint-Louis is the banks of the Seine to see dreams realized. And count on you was really special and made all the difference. The experience of renting an apartment abroad was unique. Perfect lodging. Efficiency, charm and elegance. The Asteri apartment is amazing. Well furnished with designer pieces and all that it promises. Everything about him is careful nurturing in minute detail and invites us to want to stay. Living in Île Saint-Louis. Vincent is a gentleman driver. Thank you. If I may. I would like to invite other Brazilians to live this unique experience in Paris. See you soon in Paris. Thanks for caring. Thanks for the flowers. Thank you for respecting their guests. Edi and Pascoal Brazil 06/09/2012

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