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  • Mr & Mrs Stratton from USA

Mr & Mrs Stratton from USA

Dear Guest Apartment Services, Thank you for your e-mail and all the help you have given us to have a wonderful holiday. Over 20 years we have been in Paris three times and this is certainly our most enjoyable trip. We love our apartment and we appreciated the second heater, because coming from Australia we are not used to the cold. We made good use of your Gourmet Guide and all the restaurants we went to on your recommendation were fantastic. We especially liked the casual and friendly Fous des Iles which is nearly next door.We were also very impressed by Cafe Constant, near the Eiffel Tower. We will definitely be in touch when we next holiday in France, but because we are so far away it may be a few years before you hear from us. Many thanks, John and Donna Stratton

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