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  • Mr & Mrs Trainer, USA

Mr & Mrs Trainer, USA

If you are staying for a week in Paris, consider an apartment over a hotel. Though it may not have all the English language television stations, you aren't in Paris to watch TV. This was the second time we've used Guest Apartment Services ( It is a great alternative from hotels. There's more space, a kitchen (fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, plates, glasses, etc) and the ability to get the feel of living in Paris. Our apartment, on Ile St. Louis was centrally located, easy to get to metro or the "boat" bus for easy on/off along the river.The kitchen provides you with the opportunity for a cheap and easy breakfast. With all the stores and bakeries around, stock up on bottled water, soda, and the basic foods for Paris, i.e., great bread and butter. Finally, Philippe was great, especially patient in making all of our lunch and dinner reservations–he'll also arrange transportation to/from the airport. Although no "formal" concierge, Philippe and Christophe are there to make life easy and located near (walking distance) most of the apartments.

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