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  • Mr & Mrs Wilcox from USA

Mr & Mrs Wilcox from USA

Bonjour Christophe, Philippe, Christophe and Marie – I had intended to write as soon as we got home but all the commotion of "re-entry" to life here put it off. But here is our opportunity. Yes, we loved our time in Paris, as always, and much of that came from our stay in your apartment. Both Kathy and I are very impressed with the way you conduct your business. At this point, we understand the reservation, check in, check out and living routine well but we also notice the small changes you make between visits to improve the service. From your impressive and well designed website to the attention you pay to the maintenance of the apartments, from the amenities and services you provide to the quality and generous supply of the linens, all of that and more adds to our memories of a great vacation. Believe us, we appreciate your thoughtful care. A bientot – John L. Wilcox

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