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  • Mrs Alexandra Leichter, USA.

Mrs Alexandra Leichter, USA.

This apartment was fabulous, and the service was superb. Next time we're coming back to Paris (probably next year), we definitely want to have this apartment again.  Thank you for an incredible apartment, wonderful people, unbelievable service, and great suggestions for everything–I don't think you left any stone unturned for us.  We'll try to come by tomorrow to say goodbye to you, but if we don't get a chance to do so, please know that you're in our hearts, and hope to see you in Los Angeles soon.  Have a wonderful New Year.  (By the way, day before yesterday we met some people on the Paris Walks tour, and gave them your information for an apartment stay for their friends. You can always use us for a reference–we will very highly recommend you.  A 5-star service *****) Love, Alexandra & Michael.

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