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  • Mrs Astani from USA

Mrs Astani from USA

Dear Christophe and Philippe: We wanted to thank you and your staff for a memorable stay at Eglantine apartment, and great help and support that you provided us this summer during our vacation in Paris. We stayed at the Eglantine which is a wonderful apartment on rue Cardinal Lemoine. It is spacious, wonderfully located between Quai de la Tournelle and Boulevard Saint-Germain. Within seconds of getting out, we were strolling on the banks of the Seine or the Boulevard Saint-Germaine, right in the center of Parisian activity. From the apartment, we had a panoramic view of the Norte Dame cathedral and Ile-Saint-Louis. When we needed help with storing and forwarding our luggage, your staff stored our suitcase and two weeks later forwarded it to the airport for our departure. We are extremely grateful to you and your staff and look forward to seeing you on our next trip. Sincerely,Fay Astani and Mike Parsee

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