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  • Mrs Hernandez from USA

Mrs Hernandez from USA

Thank you for your nice comments. My experience with Guest Apartments was out of this world!! Whatever opinions I would write I would lack words to describe your services. You are true proffesionals and you show it at check in and throughout. I felt safe and better than in a five star hotel. My family was also very happy and impressed, but as a more older and wiser person I know how much caring and effort you must Everything was better than you promised and the apartment could not have been better located,decorated and equipped ; the details that your company provides the client are far better than what I can describe. Please use my words in any review that you find appropriate, you may use us as a reference whenever you want. I am already recommending you to all I know. You have a new client, I usually return to Paris every four to five years or sooner if I can, I will always contact you and your team.


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