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  • Mrs Joyce Majors , USA

Mrs Joyce Majors , USA

Dear Philippe, Christophe and Thomas,My regrets for taking so long to get back to you.  I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the Lily apartment.  It was just the right amount of space for us, the view was wonderful, nice touch with the bouquet of lillies.  We especially enjoyed the public stopping to look at the house – we waved to them and tipped our wine glass to them.  If I had had some of your business cards, it would have been a great selling opportunity to throw them toeveryone who passed by!!Paris was wonderful.  The food, the wine, the people, the metro (except for the tickets that didn't work)…we especially loved having Notre Dame just a 10 minute walk away.  It was spectacular at night.  I have passed on your cards to a few friends and have told many more about renting an apartment in Paris through you.  I hope some of them visit you.Also, I want you to know that you have a gem working for you.  Thomas was great.  While I speak enough French to make me sound silly, it was great to speak English to get some details in order.  Thomas was very accommodating and very enjoyable to deal with.Again, thank you so much for a wonderful Parisian experience.  Best wishesfor the season ahead. Sincerely, Joyce Majors

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