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  • Mrs Minkovski from USA

Mrs Minkovski from USA

Dear Christophe and Philippe, My husband and I have done an extensive amount of traveling and always choose to stay in accommodations that offer very high levels of service and quality. We have steered clear of renting apartments because of our desire for this first class service. Since we were taking a family trip to Paris, combined with business, we thought a compromise might be necessary so that we could live altogether in a shared space. Our experience in the Magnolia apartment, however, proved to be the contrary of anything we expected in apartment living, and exceeded all possible expectations. The devotion that would be paid to our every need was clear from the very first night. After picking us up at the airport and getting us settled into the apartment, you Christophe, stayed for hours making sure that the wireless internet connection was up and running so that my husband’s business affairs weren’t postponed. Later on in the week, when my diamond earring had fallen into the bathroom sink, you again, were there within minutes to help fetch it out by any means necessary. We truly felt like we were in the hands of good friends throughout the entire stay in Paris. While this had been a first for us, our business associate had been to Paris and rented apartments numerous times before. He too claimed that this experience, with your company, was by far the best accommodations and service he had ever had. Aside from the fantastic service and beautiful apartment, it is undeniable that the Magnolia apartment is in one of the finest locations in the city. The balcony rests right above the water, with an unbelievable view of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Every night we enjoyed its twinkling light show from the comfort of our living room. While right in the center of Paris, Ile St. Louis also holds the local charm of a small village. Most nights we spent dinner out at restaurants, but within our 10 day stay, daily trips to the market and cheese shops around the corner evolved into friendly relationships with their proprietors. Our family trip had proved to be a magical one, and this was due greatly to the fantastic experience we enjoyed with your company, and we would recommend it highly to anyone. Thank you again for all your wonderful care, and we look forward to another trip in your hands. Linda Marlin Minkovski

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