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  • Mrs McBratney from USA

Mrs McBratney from USA

Dear Philippe and Christophe, Here it is toward the end of August and we are just responding to your kind email regarding our June stay in Saffron. We sincerely apologize for taking such a long time in replying. Bill and I moved to a new home in northern California three days after returning from Paris and it's been a very busy summer unpacking, getting the house settled and organized, and entertaining many guests. However, we haven't forgotten our wonderful stay in Saffron and the excellent care you gave us while we were in Paris. We have shared our experience with several friends who are interested in a future trip to Paris and highly recommended that they use Guest Apartment Services for their stay. We felt staying in an apartment was far superior to a hotel stay. When we return to Paris we will most certainly use your excellent service. Thank you and all the best to you. Warm regards, Patricia McBratney.

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