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  • Mrs Pelletier Voltaggio, USA

Mrs Pelletier Voltaggio, USA

Bonjour Philippe, Thank you for letting me know that all was well with the apartment. We had a wonderful time in Paris, and thank you for getting us settled in so quickly and efficiently.We absolutely loved staying in Anthurium! The apartment was so conveniently located for both left and right bank activities. And with such a great view, we spent a lot of time in the evening just looking out across the river. Also, the weather was so nice during our stay that we were able to spend some time enjoying the lovely terrace as well after our foray to the Bastille Market on Sunday. We also frequently enjoyed the patisserie you recommended, and we lucked into a fabulous meal at Les Fous de L'ile.  We walked a lot, but we mastered the Paris metro in no time.Thanks to your directions, we did make it to the quincaillerie in the basement of the BHV for my husband's suitcase repair, which was actually a fun (and I suspect non-typical) experience. We cannot wait to return to Paris, and we look forward to using Guest Apartment Services again.  Thank you for your kind understanding and patience with my fractured French! A bientot, N. Pelletier Voltaggio

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