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  • Ms Paula Cristina Monteiro, BRAZIL

Ms Paula Cristina Monteiro, BRAZIL

Hello, I have returned safely home but wanted to email you to thank you again for a wonderful stay in Paris as well as the excellent service from everyone at your company. I had always wanted to stay on Ile St Louis if I ever had the chance to visit Paris so the apartment and the location could not have been more beautiful. I appreciated the lovely view, how well the apartment was equipped as well as the incredible cleanliness. I especially appreciated how considerate you were with any concerns I had and how kindly you dealt with them. I am sending a small note of appreciation to the lady who cleans the apartment as well as to the young man who drove me to the airport. I was so busy trying to remember everything to pack that I forgot that but I have sent it to your address if that’s alright. If I am ever fortunate enough to visit France again I would not hesitate to rent an apartment from your company. Once again, thank you for helping to make my stay in Paris everything I hoped it would be! Sincerely, Paula Cristina Monteiro 

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