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  • Mr Gurney from USA

Mr Gurney from USA

I remember the first time we came across the website for Guest Apartments. The original picture we saw of the view of the Seine was too close to a picture postcard to be true. We knew the view as we had stayed in hotels in the Marais on many occasions. We started to email Christophe and Philippe, and were very happy to receive not only prompt responses, but responses that exuded a warm welcome. We were very impressed with the web pictures of the various apartments. Yet, we had our doubts too. Were these photos genuine? Have they been altered with photo tools? We emailed Christophe and Philippe and asked if a friend of ours who lives in Paris could visit an apartment or two. A meeting was arranged and the response from our friend was indeed the apartments look exactly like the pictures. We have used other vacation rental firms in other countries. We are proud to tell all who may visit Guest Apartments that you will truly find a home away from home. You will be greeted in a truly warm and genteel way whether you use the recommended airport transfer or arrive at the office on your own. Five days after living through our first hurricane and only eighteen hours after our power was restored, we arrived at our apartment. Despite fatigue from the non stop hurricane clean-up and the transatlantic flight, seeing the arrangement of fresh cut flowers remains an everlasting wonderful impression. We were indeed in a very special place. We know that people in the US have heard all the negative stereotypes of the French people. Please, don’t believe them. At Guest Apartments you will find hosts who enjoy making your vacations pleasant. You will be welcomed to their home city. You will not find a company that only tries to separate you from your dollars or euros. You will find services comparable to that of the best concierge at a luxury hotel or an on sight owner of a small B&B. Whether this is your first trip to Paris or you are familiar with the city, staying on Isle St. Louis is like being in the middle of a small village. Within days, the local bakers will recognize you when you come early for bread and croissants. It’s wonderful to share the sidewalks with local residents waling the children to and from school. Yet, the hustle and bustle of the larger city is just a minute’s stroll across the Seine. When planning a trip to Paris, we now verify availability with Guest Apartments before attempting to deal with the airlines. We would never consider any other accommodations in Paris. When you have found the best, why search further? We wish all a great vacation in Paris. Paul Gurney Tom Dean , Royal Palm Beach, FL.


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