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  • ​Mr and Mrs Staebell from USA

​Mr and Mrs Staebell from USA

Philippe & Christophe – I apologize for taking to so long write about our FABULOUS experience in Paris . We loved being on Ile St. Louis – such a terrific, central location, surrounded by such wonderful shops and restaurants. Having a kitchen was especially handy. After a hard day of sightseeing it was delightful being able to go to the market/boulangerie/wine shop/cheese shop/chocolatier, picking up some goodies and going home to rehash the day. The apartment more than satisfied our needs and the 4 of us never got in each other's way! I keep the Nympheas website on my computer for those days when I long to go back. Oh my…..such a wonderful experience. Thanks to you and your staff for their kindness and making our trip more than memorable. Susan and Bill Staebell USA

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