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  • The Age Epicure ~ November 2008

The Age Epicure ~ November 2008

~ Paris, city of poultry ~

I rented an apartment in Paris in the city's heart, on the Ile St Louis. Four minutes from Notre Dame, two minutes from the river. Mild jet lag had me up at 6 am, already light with a pearly sky. 

The owners of Guest Apartment Services, Philippe & Christophe, specialise in lovely older style apartments, and they are extraordinarily gracious. A bowl of gorgeous peonies is in the room, later a bottle of champagne appears in the refrigerator. They happily arrange anything at all – theater tickets, airports collection, train tickets, restaurant bookings. They recently had a holiday in Australia and were so charmed by the experience they want more australians to come and try their very superior apartments in Paris (and Yes I paid full price).

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​THE AGE-EPICURE- Australia, November 18 2008 by Stephanie Alexander

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