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  • ​The Travel Editor ~ March 2011

​The Travel Editor ~ March 2011

~ Luxury Home from Home with Guest Apartment Services Paris ~

As Christophe Chastel, and Philippe Pee stood before their audience in a Point Piper house in Sydney, it was clear that whatever love they feel for Australia pales in comparison to the love they have for home-sweet-home. Or all 40 of them.

Their 40, fully furnished, luxury apartments on Isle Saint Louis and in the Marais around Place des Vosges are giving Australians, and many other travellers the chance to live like true Parisians. Guest Apartment Services (Paris) offer short-term rentals and personalised concierge services to create a dream trip to Paris that's different every time, and a world away from most hotel experiences. In fact, the apartments are so welcoming that Australia's elite are choosing to make them their regular holiday homes.

Happy, hospitable hosts, Christophe and Phillippe offer booking facilities for shows, restaurants and hotel transfers for visitors, all with no commission. But what makes them stand out in a crowd are the little added extras. They'll help you find the right apartment for you (did you want an open kitchen? A swimming pool? Quirky fittings? A view of Notre Dame?) They'll also be only too happy to recommend a bakery, organize a babysitter, even store your winter coat in case you need it when you come back. Because you will want to come back!

An impressive 40 per cent of Guest Apartment Services' customers are repeat visitors, and 15 per cent are curious relatives of those who haven't stopped talking about their fantastic time in Paris! Most of the apartments are in located in the heart of the city, making it easy to get around, and all have been chosen for their special charm, unbeatable views and distinct, luxury features.

Imagine brewing your own coffee, sipping it on the balcony as you watch the street life bustling beneath you, knowing that all you have to do all day is soak up that Parisian charm.

By day, you can wander the laneways, browse the boutiques, ponder life over a latte or stroll hand in hand around the city's myriad of art galleries and museums. It's a lover's paradise, and a family's cultural treasure. Romantic, inspiring and always beautiful, Paris and Guest Apartment Services compliment each other perfectly. It's no wonder Christophe, Phillippe and their lovestruck guests consider their fabulous French getaways some of the most special places on the planet.


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