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  • 3 Bedrooms Luxury apartments in Paris

3 Bedrooms
Luxury apartments in Paris

Poppy Flower

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An exquisite 3 bedroom apartment with a private inner courtyard and view on the Seine River
Learn more about Poppy Flower, Deluxe Designed property on Ile St Louis



"A gem with view on Place des Vosges". This exclusive luxury property represents an excellent stay for completely private comfort and accommodations, offering the opportunity to enjoy the neighborhood of the famous Place des Vosges.
Learn more about Flora, A Gem in Place des Vosges area

Magnolia ~ Acacia


This exclusive Deluxe property combination represents an excellent alternative stay for extended families looking for complete individual comfort and privacy and offers the opportunity to be connecting to each other.
Learn more about Magnolia ~ Acacia, A deluxe destination in Paris



High Ground floor in historical building with views of Seine River. A Luxury large and stylish Parisian property for family and friends Special Occasion.
Learn more about Orchid, Luxury 3 bedrooms on Ile Saint Louis