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  • Chuck & Julie Feinberg

Chuck & Julie Feinberg

I should actually be reviewing a specific apartment managed or owned by Guest Apartment Services Paris but I’ve decided that selfishly (I want this specific apartment just for my wife and myself!) I will say that after renting or staying at over ten of their apartments the one we just left after two unbelievable weeks was the best. That’s enough! What I want to say is that there are many services all over the world that rent out luxury apartments BUT what makes Guest Apartment Services stand out as the top of this category is the word “SERVICES”. We started renting from them when they first opened up MANY years ago. Here in a nutshell is why they are the best. This is not a hypothetical situation. My wife and I were staying in one of their gorgeous 17th century apartments on Ile St. Louis.  We were having a problem with the shower. A simple phone call to their office just a few blocks away got us someone who came over in less then 1/2/hr. and fixed the shower. This is not a one time experience. This is what Guest Apartment Services is noted for. If you happen to spend time in their beautiful office located on Ile St. Louis you will be greeted by anyone of at least five amazing people who will be able to answer any questions about apartments, restaurants, places to buy food and OH! just about all of their apartments have the most modern and up to date kitchen appliances. 

Last but not least, we live on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Approximately 7,500 miles from France.  On August 24th 2019 we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. Where do you think we will be staying? In the Rose Apartment where we just left after two awesome weeks. This is a testimonial of why anyone who wants the best out of the greatest city in the world should use Guest Apartment Services of Paris. 

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