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  • 2-3 Chambres Location d’appartements de luxe à Paris

2 – 3 Chambres
Location d'appartement de luxe à Paris



A prestigious Family apartment on Ile Saint Louis.
En savoir plus Bluebell, A prestigious Family apartment on Ile Saint Louis

Poppy Flower

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An exquisite 3 bedroom apartment with a private inner courtyard and view on the Seine River
En savoir plus Poppy Flower, Deluxe Designed property on Ile St Louis



Prestigious address on the much-sought-after Isle Saint-Louis. The beauty of le style français is captured here. It offers rare view of the river and the city.
En savoir plus Magnolia, Classical Deluxe Apartment on Seine river



Cette luxueuse propriété est située dans le superbe quartier de la Place des Vosges.
En savoir plus Pansy, Appartement de prestige dans le Marais



Cet appartement est élégamment décoré. Grâce à ses hauts plafonds et ses fenêtres qui offrent une vue magnifique sur les Quais de la Seine C'est un endroit idéal pour un séjour familial ou entre amis.
En savoir plus Orchid, Luxueux 5 Pièces sur l'Ile Saint Louis



This comfortable apartment is located in a 17th century building on the third floor with elevator and offers wonderful views of the Seine River.
En savoir plus Nympheas, A comfortable family stay on lle St Louis

Magnolia ~ Acacia


This exclusive Deluxe property combination represents an excellent alternative stay for extended families looking for complete individual comfort and privacy and offers the opportunity to be connecting to each other.
En savoir plus Magnolia ~ Acacia, A deluxe destination in Paris



This privileged property offers you all expectations: great location, historic neighbourhood, the modern conveniences of home and old world charm.
En savoir plus Lys, Paris Ile St Louis Lifestyle



The entire south side of the church is visible from the tall windows offering views of the splendid rose window with its stain glass and intricate tracery stone.
En savoir plus Lotus, Face to Face with Notre Dame Cathedral



110 square meters of a delicate combination of luxury contemporary and antique furnishings.
En savoir plus Gloriosa, Panoramic views on Seine & Notre Dame



Cet appartement chic, idéalement situé sur l’Île Saint Louis, offre des vues spectaculaires sur la Seine et Notre-Dame de Paris.
En savoir plus Garance, Vue panoramique sur Notre Dame



The apartment offers open views and “panoramic clichés” from Historical spots of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, Isle Saint Louis, Bastille…
En savoir plus Eglantine, 360° Panoramic views on Seine river



This building was built during the 17th century "Le Grand Siècle ". Look out of one of the many windows at the breathtaking 180° views; what you see before you is of unparalleled beauty.
En savoir plus Camelia, Panoramic Paris views on the Seine river



This luxurious 150 square meters Paris vacation rental apartment is in an elegant Belle Epoque building with stunning views of the Invalides Dome.
En savoir plus Azalée, A luxury stay on Invalides area

Anthurium ~ Asteri


An elegant combination of an apartment and a studio, connecting door to door, that transforms the old style in contemporary. The private quiet terrace is an utmost.
En savoir plus Anthurium ~ Asteri, Modern living & Terrace on ile St Louis



Luxury large property with built in AC system, in the heart of the prime Marais area.
En savoir plus Amaranth, A Luxury Gem in the Marais



"A gem with view on Place des Vosges". This exclusive luxury property represents an excellent stay for completely private comfort and accommodations, offering the opportunity to enjoy the neighborhood of the famous Place des Vosges.
En savoir plus FLORA, A Gem in Place des Vosges area