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  • Debbi and Tommy

Debbi and Tommy

Bonjour Mme. Natalia and M. Pee,

We just wanted to let you know that we have arrived home safely and to thank-you again for all your help. We loved Acacia! It was lovely, quite comfortable and offered all the amenities one could possibly need. It’s location was perfect! We spent many hours sitting on the balcony watching all the boat traffic on the Seine. We knew there would be many tour boats, but we had not realized just how much of a working river the Seine is and enjoyed watching the barges and small cruise ships go by.

We especially appreciate all you did in terms of making restaurant reservations and arranging for the limousine transfer, all of which made our trip very easy. It was also a much appreciated luxury to have the limousine service handle our luggage for us! We would also like to commend Guest Apartment Services for the very thorough book which explained everything we needed to know about the oven, cooktop and washer/dryer. It was very helpful. We will certainly recommend your services to friends.

Best regards,

Debbi and Tommy

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