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  • Dede McLane

Dede McLane

We were relieved and thrilled to be referred to Guest Apartment Services by a friend who had enjoyed several of their apartments.  We have stayed in several hotels, but with our adult children in tow, we needed much more space than any Paris hotel could reasonably offer.   This apartment and location offered everything we could possibly need.   Moonflower is a tremendous value for such a gorgeous, expansive 3 bedroom with an open kitchen, dining & living room.  Perfect for late afternoon rest & cocktails.  Breakfast & appetizers were found two flights down at the BEST bakers, cheese shops, grocers & tea rooms.  And having our rental agent directly across the street was like having local family!  We could pop in there during working hours with any question at all.  Their recommendations were spot on.   I wish we had taken ALL of their suggestions because the only bad meal we had was the one we chose ourselves. We felt we had 3 bedrooms for the price of one. Another consideration is that this building is blissfully quiet.  So for those seeking a spacious oasis in the most convenient location in Paris, Guest Apartment Services is the source!

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