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  • James Keane

James Keane

Bo Jour mes amis,

   Despite rain & cold, Paris once again enchants us & makes us sad to leave. A big part of our joy in your city belongs to Ile St Louis & Guest Apt. Services. My first instinct is to take all the credit for our marvelous vacations for myself, & keep your excellent services my own secret. In this way my wife & all our friends are convinced I am a true sophisticated citizen of the world. Unfortunately, I am burdened with just enough conscience that I will have to agree to sing your praises among our friends & family. Since I have retired from work, I have not been an habitué of the social networks, but I do make occasional entries on the Rick Steves travel blogs & with Tripadvisor, where I'll (reluctantly) tell the world about you & your good offices.

Next year you will be hearing from me again. Until then, bon chance & good wishes.

Jim Keane


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