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  • Jim and Gail

Jim and Gail

Christophe and Philippe,
Thank you for the champagne Friday night at dinner. It was unexpected and very nice of you.
We had a wonderful time in Paris and at Arum.  We were sad to leave, but will return shortly.
Paris has always been our favorite city because of the beauty, ambiance, and its people.
Guest Apartment Services and its staff make it even more enjoyable.
We have been renting thru you for at least 15yrs and each time is better.
Paris is an easy city to enjoy and get around.  We have always felt safe and are comfortable there.
I don't understand why others don't take the opportunity to experience it.
If Americans have concerns they can register thru the US State Department's STEP program to receive travel updates anywhere in the world. 
We would be glad to talk to anyone considering coming to Paris or renting thru Guest Apartment Services if they desire a recommendation.
You guys are the best.
Thank you for the great time
Christophe, we enjoyed meeting your cousin and his wife.  I would be interested in learning more about the wine industry rather than just drinking it.
Jim and Gail

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