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  • Linda Putman

Linda Putman

Dear Guest Services: We were very satisfied with the services you provided us during our stay in Paris, from limousine service to concert tickets to a dinner cruise on the Seine to area restaurants and recommended sights of Paris, to the comfort of our apartment. Based on my online searches, I do not believe there is another servicein Paris that meets your high standards! We have recommended your services to all our friends and acquaintances, and should we visit Paris again, we will definitely engage your services! Our trip was fantastic, thanks to you and every one of your staff, who were always courteous and supportive! I am not comfortable posting a review on the Google site, since it forces me to identify myself to the world, hence the reply here to your message instead. Except for the repeated squeaking of the building entry door below our apartment (Lilas), and the electrical short caused by a table lamp provided by the building owner, we would rate our experience 5 star! Sincerely, Linda Putman

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