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  • Sydney Morning Herald – November 2016

Sydney Morning Herald – November 2016

Guest Apartment services Paris is honored to have been published on Saturday 5 November 2016 in the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper

An interview with Paris apartment rentals company founders : Philippe Pée & Christophe Chastel.

By the 14th of February 1997, on Valentine ‘s day, Guest Apartment Services Paris officially opened its doors.

After 20 years of experience, the company owns a collection of 60 luxury and quality properties, with more than 80%  ideally located on Ile Saint Louis, in the historical heart of the City, 4th district. ….

The Parisian Apartment rental office is also located on Ile Saint Louis to greet every guest and offer a quality expert concierge service.

Most of the apartments feature traditional heritage Parisian décor with an elegant mixture of classical and contemporary ambiance and furnishings.

A distinctive Parisian lifestyle…. Read more

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