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  • Ed and Heidi Cobleigh

Ed and Heidi Cobleigh

When my wife and I rented with Guest Apartment Services, we didn't know what to expect. Would the process of finding the apartment, checking in, using the facilities, and the French language involve hassles and issues?  Would there be a culture clash?  Also, how would the apartment compare to local hotel rooms which we were familiar with. Would it offer good value for our money?

From the driver picking us up at the airport until he returned us there, the everything was simple and easy. The friendly, helpful staff at Guest Apartment Services, all of whom speak excellent English, made everything work seamlessly.  Our place on the Island of Saint Louis was exactly as advertised, comfortable, quiet, and well-equipped with a terrific view of the Seine River from our balcony. Every question was answered quickly and completely. Our only unmet desire was to stay longer.  We are convinced that for visits to the City of Lights this service beats a similarly priced, typical Parisian hotel room hands down. We will return soon.

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