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  • Mr & Mrs Webb from USA

Mr & Mrs Webb from USA

Paris at your feet! Guest Apartment Services has managed to outdo themselves again! This year we had the privilege of staying in the magnificently regal Hyacinth apt. With all of Paris spread beneath you from every grand window throughout this gorgeous apt, the Hyacinth apt was fairy tale like. The apt, despite its noblesse roots, is truly comfortable. Every room is special, but we particularly loved the bedroom. We felt like a Marquis and Marquessa getting ready for a grand ball in this elegant space. The high ceiling, antique mirror and majestic set of drawers with a most comfortable bed,it was perfect. And as usual Guest Apartment Services provides the utmost in cordial and proper French care. We are counting the days until next June when we arrive to be in our favorite city in the world and be booked with Guest Apartment Services! June 2012 Dr and Mrs. Webb Alexandria, VA, USA


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