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  • Mr Collier from USA

Mr Collier from USA

Merci beaucoup Philippe, Joseph and I enjoyed a marvelous stay in Paris; a visit that was made all the more delightful by our residence in your wonderful Marais apartment! We have been praising France, Guest Apartment Services and, most especially, the highly-professional and expert service that you and Christophe offer your guests. We have shared your website address with numerous friends and we definitely hope to stay with you again on our next journey to Paris; a trip that will, hopefully, not be too far in the future! As an additional note, you should know that we were exceptionally pleased with both Victor’s car service (i.e., Vincent and John) and the professionalism and unobtrusiveness of your very polite housekeeping staff. Without doubt, their efforts made our arrival, stay and departure care-free and for that we are both grateful. Thank you and Christophe once again for creating an environment that only added to the sheer delight of being in Paris. Very best regards and a bientot, Eric and Joseph


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