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  • ​Mrs Wedge from USA

​Mrs Wedge from USA

Excellent Paris apartment rental agency! We just returned from two weeks in a stunning Paris apartment overlooking the River Siene rented from Guest Apartment Services. I looked at many apartment rental agencies before choosing this one. Many were based in the U.S., Canada and Australia with "representatives" in Paris. Guest Apartment Services has a fully staffed office only one block from our apt. on Ile St. Louis. Their english speaking staff booked us extraordinary seats for the opera and St. Chapelle and were available at anytime we needed their assistance. They even gave us a 24-hour contact number! They even helped me resolve a booking mistake I had made at Cordon Bleu, assuring a space for me in a cooking class. The apt. was just as shown on their website – perfect, and included weekly maid cleaning. Most important to note is that unlike many of the apartment rental agencies, Guest Apartment Services does not require a cash or check deposit. They ran a copy of our credit card for the deposit. Before our flight even left Paris we received an email thanking us for leaving the apt. in good order and letting us know there would not be any deposit charges. Compare that to other agencies who hold onto your deposit for weeks! Booking an apartment in Paris with Guest Apartment Services was a five star experience! Jennifer Wedge

Review published on May 15th 2014 on Trip Advisor:

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