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Gourmet Traveller Magazine Australia from AUSTRALIA

JULY 2008 ISSUE AT GOURMET TRAVELLER AUSTRALIA: LIFESTYLES FOR RENT PARIS – Want to know where some of Australia’s top chefs stay when they hit France? Look no further than this private apartment overlooking the Seine. It’s a favourite home away from home for Janni Kyritsis, and Stephanie Alexander. Guest Apartment Services is a boutique firm specialising in short-term rentals of luxury apartments with personalised concierge services. Rose apartment is situated in an 18th-century mansion and has two levels – comprising living area and kitchen downstairs and bedroom upstairs – and this gorgeous balcony overlooking the river. “Mr Kyritsis wanted to live life à la Parisienne in a place where he would have the comforts of a traditional French home and be able to cook, entertain or just relax, so he came to us,” says Guest Apartment Services director Philippe Pée. Rose apartment rents for $3000 a week.

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