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  • Hugh – Garance

Hugh – Garance

Hi Christophe,
Thank you for making our stay in Paris so straightforward and pleasant.  You even persuaded the sun to come out – although you could have organized a bit warmer temperature on Friday!  On Tuesday, we walked up to your suggested Musee Jacquemart-Andre and that was a really enjoyable visit.  Versailles was cold but stunning and Romain did a great job getting us there and back and showing as the sights on the way.  On Saturday, our driver was spot on time and whisked us the CDG in good time. 
The apartment was wonderful, especially if you like black and white, but the view is beyond description.  We ate at many fine restaurants and had refreshments at many great bars on the Isle and I don’t think we even scratched the surface.  We’ll just have to return!
Thanks to you and your team for making our visit quite so special! — Cheers, Hugh

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