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  • John Fichter

John Fichter

This was my third trip to Paris and it was by far the best experience because of our main resource: Guest Apartment Services.

I have stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel back in the 70’s and one of Rick Steve’s suggestions near Rue Cler, but our stay on the Île Saint-Louis, in one of the apartments offered by Guest Apartment Services, was my very best experience. We did not go to a single museum within the city as our desire was to just be in Paris, rather than do all the “right things.”

Our 18th century three bedroom apartment with kitchen, entered from a private and protected courtyard, could not have been better. We received greater value by staying in this lovely apartment than having two nice rooms in one of the nicer hotels near the Louvre.

Our apartment was on a quite street in a quite neighborhood on Île Saint-Louis. Each day we returned to a quite place to refresh for the evening and in the mornings I could take a short quite walk to one of several Boulangeries on the island and get fresh squeezed orange juice and fruit in a market nearby.

The biggest surprise is that we had concierge services provided by a lovely and efficient person named Liliane! We had great assistance with choosing restaurants for dinner and lunch, three private tours with a wonderful French Guide, and our best experience came with Liliane’s suggestion of attending a cooking class from La Cuisine A Paris.

When we return, and it will be soon, we will stay longer than a week and see how little we can do other than be in the experience of Paris. Our first call will be to Guest Apartment Services to book our living space in Paris.

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