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  • Karen Stone

Karen Stone

My husband and I stayed in Jonquille 10 nights in October and we loved it.  The apartment was spacious, very well equipped, and comfortable.  There was plenty of storage for clothing.  The views from the 3 large windows gave great pleasure every day and night.  We knew the location was excellent for the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay but were happily surprised with our proximity to St Germain de Pres, Jardins de Luxembourg, and the lively Rue de Seine. Also, it was very quiet even though located on a busy street.

Guest Apartment Services offers excellent service.  There was one slip-up, but it was corrected immediately and with good humour.  They are safe, reliable, and knowledgeable, and I am thankful we found them.  This is our second rental with them and we look forward to our next, and the next after that!

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