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  • Lyn and Warren McCullagh

Lyn and Warren McCullagh

We have had a wonderful stay in your beautiful apartment Arum, and we are already looking forward to our return next year.
Thank you for your many kindnesses in helping to make our visit to Paris so memorable.
The air conditioning unit has kept the apartment very comfortable during the last few days and your staff were very quick and efficient when they installed it.  Normally we have  the windows open when we are in the apartment and the  heat was no problem earlier in our stay.
Our visit to the Lido was a great success.  The show is very good and the guest acts are exceptional.  The girls and the boys both dance beautifully, although the girls seem to be taller and much slimmer than they were 46 years ago when we were last there.  The staff at the Lido were very obliging and the dinner and champagne were quite acceptable.  Christophe was correct in his advice to us regarding taxis on the Champs Elysee.  We had no trouble getting home.
Giverny was lovely – the gardens were in full bloom and the peonies, roses and iris especially good.  Parisvision does a very good job and I liked the way the tour leader told us all about Monet and his garden on the bus, and suggested the best route to see the house and garden, but then left it to each of us to explore the garden in our own time.
With our best wishes and many thanks for being such wonderful hosts, Lyn and Warren McCullagh

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